How Can My Troop/Crew/Ship Hold a Shooting Sports Activity at Beaumont Scout Reservation?




The Greater Cleveland Council Shooting Sports Committee exists to safely promote shooting sports activities for the youth of the Greater Cleveland Council.  At Beaumont Scout Reservation we work closely with the Councils’ program staff to offer a variety of year-round shooting sports opportunities during Council and District events, but sometimes units seek a more personalized shooting sports experience.  With the proper safety and instructor supervisor ratios, Troops, Crews, or Ships may participate in rifle, shotgun, muzzleloading, archery, powderball or paintball shooting activities within the guidelines established under BSA.  Crews or Ships may also experience pistol shooting activities. 

You may use the firearms or archery equipment available at camp or you may provide your own (with the approval of the Council Shooting Sports Director).  You must use the provided ammunition for camp-owned firearms.  Ammunition for privately owned firearms must be provided by the owner and must be approved by the range safety officer responsible for your shooting experience.

A rifle, shotgun, muzzleloading, or pistol shooting sports activity requires direct supervision by an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer who also holds current GCC Range Privileges.  In addition, a second adult holding an NRA Instructor certification in the shooting activity must also be present on the range. Your unit may provide these certified individuals or you may work with the Shooting Sports Committee to schedule the services of these volunteer scouters. 

Please contact:

Julia Hearne: 216-458-8905 or


Last Updated: 5/12/2016